About Raqs Deluxe Events

With Raqs Deluxe Events we strive to create retreats, intensives and events with the motivated dancer in mind. We choose learning, creating and networking over glitter and glamour.

Raqs Deluxe Events was born after organising 2 succesfull weeklongs with master teacher Aziza from Montreal.

Our events all have in common:

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About the organiser

Luna is a professional bellydance teacher and performer based in Belgium, known for her own elegant style.

Next to teaching and performing, she is also a troupe director and choreographer, webdesigner, promotor, event organiser and mother to her 6 year old son.
Next to all this, she also continues her own development and studies with various teachers, taking workshops, lessons and intensives whenever she can. Luna believes that being able to fully immerse yourself into the dance for a number of days, learning from a master teacher and connecting with other dancers is the quickest way to grow as a dancer and be inspired.

After succesfully organising 2 weeklong events with Aziza from Montreal (inspired by her Dreamcamps in Canada), she decided to take it up a notch and thus Raqs Deluxe Events was born :-)